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Kingdom Hearts And Avatar The Last Airbender
                         Kingdom Hearts And Avatar The Last Airbender
                         Sora and Katara's Wedding Ch. 2 The Wedding
Sora and Katara were very happy about getting married.
Sora: We Should go to Destiny Islands to tell everyone.
Katara: Sure just let me put my betrothal necklace on.
Sora waited for Katara.
Katara: Sora how do I look?
Sora saw Katara wearing the silver betrothal necklace on her neck.
Sora: You look beautiful Katara.
Katara smiled.
Katara: Thank you Sora.
Sora: I love you.
Katara: I love you to.
Sora and Katara kiss each other on the lips.
Katara: But how can we get to the Gummiship?
Sora got an idea.
Sora: I know.
Sora got his pokeball out.
Sora: Charizard I choose you!
Sora threw his pokeball and it open and a white light came out it. When the white light faded Charizard appeared.
Charizard: (Roars)
Sora: Charizard can y
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Kingdom Hearts And Avatar The Last Airbender
                      Kingdom Hearts And Avatar The Last Airbender
                                  Sora And Katara's Wedding
                                  Charpter 1 Sora Proposes To Katara
It was a peaceful day at Destiny Islands Sora and Riku had a race and Sora won the race.
Sora was really happy today.
Sora: I can't wait for Valentine's Day it just 4 days away.
Sora was 17 years old now and now he had past the mark of mastersy test 2 years ago.
Sora: What are you going to do on Valentine's Day Riku.
Riku. I'm just pass out Valentines stuff at party.
Sora: Oh, ok.
Riku: What are you going to do on Valentine's Day Sora.
Sora: I'm just spend Valentine's day with Katara at the Four N
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Kingdom Hearts Pokemon
                                                         Kingdom Hearts Avatar the Last Airbender Pokemon
                                                                         Sora vs Riku
Sora, Donald, and Goofy went to a new world the world of Pokemon. Sora learned all about the Pokemon who lived in this world. Sora saw Lugia a legendary Pokem
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Beauty and the Beast Ch.19
Beauty and the Beast Ch.19 Happily Ever After
Rain continued to poor and everything is quiet, as Katara kept crying on Sora's chest. Suddenly, one beam of light falls like a shooting star, then one by one more of the beams kept falling down.
Katara stopped crying and looked around, knowing what's happening and starts backing away, as Sora's body rises up off the ground. Sonic, Gibson, Sparks, Nova, and the other Disneys watched in extreme anticipation. Sora rises up to the air magically and begins to turn, slowly. He is enveloped in a cloud of light and his cloak wrapped around him.
Underneath, Sora's body began to shift and form. His claw came out and black scales and claws on his arm disappered into his tan skin and his claw changed into a tan hand and fingers. Katara kept backing away, as we see his dragon foot and scales on his leg had changed into normal, tan foot and scales had disappeared. Finally, a wind blows across his face and the scales had disappeared, revealing Sora's tan
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Beauty and the Beast Ch.18
Beauty and the Beast Ch.18 Sora vs Jet
Jet opens the door to Sora's Room, until he sees Sora, looking out the window, still sad. Jet raised his crossbrow and takes aim. Sora looks at Jet, with a sad look, but he's not doing anything, then Sora looks back down in sadness, again. Suddenly, Jet releases the arrow and it strikes Sora on his shoulder. Sora roars in pain, while he stands up. Jet rushes and tackles Sora, when he threw out of the window.
Jet began to laugh and got out to the balcony. Sora was about to get up, but Jet kicked him. Sora tumbles down right to the edge. Jet catches up to Sora and corners him, while Sora just sits there in despair
Jet: Get up!
But Sora didn't do anything. Jet kicks him.
Jet: Get up! What's the matter dragon?
Jet chuckled.
Jet: To kind and gentle to fight back?
Sora looks down, ignoring him. Jet walks into the foreground and took out his two hook swords. Jet walks toward Sora, about to slash at him.
Katara: No!
Sora opens his eyes and heard a familia
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Beauty and the Beast ch.17
Beauty and the Beast Ch. 17  Disneys vs Nicktoons
After Jet and the Nicktoons broke into the door, the hallway is empty and nobody is around. They began walk inside, but what they didn't know is that the Disneys are hiding the darkness, waiting to strike. As the Nicktoons kept walking, Sonic popped out of the darkness.
Sonic: NOW!!!
The Disneys came out of nowere, attacking the Nicktoons. And the battle begins.
Meanwhile, Nelba set up Hakoda and Sokka's invention, ready to get his friends free and rescue Sora.
Nelba: Yes!
Nebla ran to the seat and pulled the string, making the horn whistle.
Nelba: Here we go!
He drove the invention to the doors of the basement. Inside Hakoda, Sokka, and Katara looked from the window.
Sokka: What the devil?
Hakoda and Sokka saw what's going on, until their eyes widen as the invention came toward them.
Hakoda: Katara look out!
Hakoda, Sokka, and Katara took cover. The Water Tribe Axe from the invention broke the doors, but it fell through and e
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Beauty and the Beast Ch.16
Beauty and the Beast Ch.16 Kill the Beast!
Hakoda and Sokka open their eyes, but their vision is a little blurry. Until the blur of their eyesight was gone, they see Katara.
Hakoda and Sokka: Katara?
Katara: It's okay, dad, I'm home.
Hakoda and Sokka are now fully awake and they hugged her.
Hakoda: We thought we would never see you, again.
Katara: I miss too. And I'd miss you as well Sokka.
Hakoda: But, what about the dragon? How did you escape?
Katara: I didn't escape, dad. He let me go.
Sokka: That horrible dragon?!
Katara: He's different now, Sokka; he's changed somehow.
Suddenly a sound was heard, as she turned around and saw the bag opened, revealing Nebla, who was dizzy at moment. He looked up and exclaimed.
Nebla: Hi!
Katara: Oh, a stowaway.
Nebla walked over to the bad.
Hakoda: Why, hello little fella. I didn't think I'd ever see you again.
Sokka: Nice see you again.
Nebla turned around and asked Katara.
Nebla: Katara, why did you go away? Don't you like us anymore?
Katara: Oh
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Beauty and the Beast Ch. 15
Beauty and the Beast Ch. 15  Sora Lets Katara Go
Outside, Sora and Katara are at the balcony, under a starry night. they both sat down next to each other and they were quiet for a bit, until Sora broke the silence.
Sora: Katara.
Sora held her hands with his.
Sora: Are you happy here with me?
Katara: Yes.
But she looked through the distance.
Sora: What is it?
Katara: If only I could see my father and brother Sokka, just for a moment. I miss them so much.
Sora looks disappointed for a moment, until he had an idea.
Sora: There is a way.
Katara smiled and Sora led her someplace.
At the West Wing, Sora handed her the magic mirror.
Sora: This mirror will show you anything, anything you want to see.
Katara held the mirror.
Katara: I like to see my father and Sokka, please?
Katara turned away, while the mirror shines bright. Katara saw Hakoda and Sokka, fallen in the woods. They both coughed and they were lost. Katara was shocked, as Sora looks at her, concerned.
Katara: Dad, Sokka..
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Beauty and the Beast Ch.14
Beauty and the Beast Ch.14 Beauty and the Beast
In Sora's bathroom, Broadway and Brooklyn kept scrubbing Sora, while he's in the tub, getting washed up for the big night for Katara, while Sonic is there with Sora.
Sonic: Tonight is the night!
Brooklyn dumped a bucket full of water on Sora.
Sora: I'm not sure I can do this.
Sonic: You don't have time to be timid, you must be bold, daring.
Sora: Bold, daring.
Sora shakes the water off, like an animal, trying to get himself dry.
Sonic: There will be music, romantic candle lights, provided myself.
Broadway began to dry Sora off with a towel.
Sonic: And when the moment is right, you confess you love.
Sora: Yes, I, I can't
Sora looks down sadly.
Sonic: You care for the girl, don't you?
Sora: More than anything.
Broadway kept trimming Sora's hair.
Sonic: Well, then you must tell her.
Broadway: All done.
Sonic: Voila, you look
Sora: Stupid?
He stared at his refection, with pigtails and bows.
Sonic: Umm, that's not quite
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Beauty and the Beast Ch.13
Beauty and the Beast Ch.13 Normal Again
Later that day, everyone gathered around in the front hallway, while Gibson stood in front of them, holding a pointer, while Turtwig stood next to him. Their planning to clean the castle to make it perfect for Sora and Katara.
Gibson: All right, then. Now you know why you're all here. We have exactly twelve hours, thiry-six minutes and twenty seconds to create the most romantic atmosphere known to man or dragon. Or dragon.
Gibson chuckled. Everyone was staring at him, thinking that he's a moron.
Gibson sighed.
Gibson: Right.
Donald Duck and Goofy pushed the rolling table next to Gibson, with the rose in the jar on top.
Gibson: May I remind you?
He began using the pointer, tapping the jar hard which will cause it to break, while the servants gasped.
Gibson: If the last petal falls from this rose, the spell will never be broken!
Donald Duck and Goofy pushed the table away, quicky.
Gibson: Now, you all know your assignments? Half of you to the East
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Beauty and the Beast Ch. 12
Beauty and the Beast Ch. 12 Something There
Back at the castle, on a beautiful day, Sora, Gibson, and Sonic Watched Katara, walking around in the snow with Appa. Appa nudged her from behind. Katara smiled and hugged him, until Turtwig ran passed her and went into a pile of snow. Turtwig came out of the snow and jumped into Katara's arms, as she hugged him, smiling.
Sora watched her, while he placed his hand on bandaged on his arm, smiling
Sora: I've never felt this about anyone.
Sora smiled.
Sora: I want to do something for her...but what?
Gibson: Well, there's usual, chocolates, promises you don't attend to keep.
Sonic: No no, Gibson. It has to be something very special, something that sparks her interest...I got it!
Inside of the castle, Sora led Katara to set of doors, with no one with them.
Sora: Katara, there's something I want show you.
Sora opened the door, but closes quickly.
Sora: But first, you have to close you eyes.
Katara looked him questioningly.
Sora: It
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Beauty and the Beast ch.11
Beauty and the Beast Ch.11. Jet's and Plankton's Dark Deal
Meanwhile, at the tavern in town, the entire tavern was literally dark. Except for a lamp at a table where Jet and Plankton sat at, along with the leader of Dai Li agents Long Feng.
Long Feng: I don't usually leave the asylum in the middle of the night, but they said you'd make it worth my while. (Jet pulls out a sack of gold and tosses it in front of him. He takes out a piece scrapes it on his chin and continues.) Aah, I'm listening.
Jet: It's like this. I've got my heart set on marrying Katara, but she needs a little persuasion.
Plankton: (butting in) Turned him down flat! (Jet slams a soda glass on Plankton's head.)
Jet: Everyone knows her father and brother are lunatics. They were in here tonight raving about a dragon in a castle...
Long Feng: Hakoda and Sokka are harmless.
Jet: The point is, Katara would do anything to keep them from being locked up.
Plankton: Yeah, even marry him! (Jet gives him another threatening look,
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Beauty and the Beast Ch. 10
Beauty and the Beast Ch. 10 The West Wing
Gibson: Enchanted? Who said anything about the castle being enchanted? It was YOU! Wasn't?
Sonic: It's always me, isn't it!
Gibson: It's so much like you! It's so typical of you!
Katara: I kinda figured it out myself. I would like to look around if that's all right?
Sonic: Sure why not.
Gibson: We can't let her go poking around in certain places, if you know what I mean.
Katara: Perhaps you could take me. I'm sure you know everything about the castle.
Gibson: (flattered) Well, actually, ah yes, I do!
Gibson gave Katara a guided tour of the castle. He talked and talked, explaining every detail of every room and section in the castle.
Gibson: Now, if I may draw your attention to the flying buttress above the...mademoiselle?
(Gibson turns back to the group and is one girl short.  He sees her beginning to climb the grand staircase. He and Sonic ran up to her and they got right in front of her, blocking her progress upstairs.)
Katara: What
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Beauty and the Beast ch.9
Beauty and the Beast Ch. 9 Be Our Guest.
Back in Sora's castle, Katara still had her face buried in her pillows as she sobbed. That was when she heard a knock at the bedroom door. Katara raised her head and turned towards the door and asked.
Katara: Who is it?
Sparks and Nova: Sparks and Nova.
Katara got off the bed and opened the door and Sparks and Nova entered along with Nebla, who rode on a cart.
Sparks: We thought you might like some tea.
Katara: Wait. Shouldn't you be...
(Katara bumps into Ariel the little mermaid)
Ariel: Oof. Careful!
Katara: (sits on bed)
This is impossible...
Ariel: I know it is, but here we are!
Nebla: (as he was putting sugar and cream in a tea cup)
Told ya she was pretty, Mommy and Daddy, didn't I?
Nova: All right, now, Nebla. That'll do.
(Nebla jumps over to Katara, who is sitting on the floor and hands her the tea cup)
Sparks: Slowly, now. Don't spill!
Katara: Thank you.
Nova: That was very brave thing you did, my dear.
Ariel: We all think so.
Katara: But
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Beauty and the Beast Ch. 8
Beauty and Beast Ch. 8 No one like jet
Jet: Who does the girl thinks she is? She has tangled with the wrong man no one says no to jet!
Plankon: Darn right!
Jet: Dismissed! Rejected! Publicly humiliated! Why, it's more than I can bear!
Plankton: Uh- more soda?
Jet: What for? Nothing helps! I am disgraceed.
Plankon: Who? You! Never! Jet, ya gotta pull yourself together.
And with that, Plankton began to sing.
Plankton: Gosh, it disturbs me to see you, Jet Looking so down in the dumps.
He stretched Jet's mouth to make it smile, but ended up getting smacked. Plankton got back up.
Plankton: Every guy here would love to be you, Jet. Even when taking your lumps.
Jet turned away in a grumpy manner and crossed his arms.
Plankton: There's no person in town as admired as you. You're everyone fa-vor-ite guy! Everyone's awed and inspired by you. And it's not...very hard... to see why.'s...slick as Jet! No one's quick as Jet! No one's head is incredibly thick as Jet! For there's no one in to
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A Disney and Nickelodeon Story
A Disney and Nickelodeon Story part.1
A long time ago Disneys and Nicktoons live together in peace. They had fun, had a couple of laughs, and working together. It has always been like that. Now we see who in lives Disney and Nicktoon worlds. One was wise old turtle his name was Oogway and he was the inventor of kung fu. And the other wise firebender he was not ordinary firebender. He was Avatar Roku the greastest avatar who ever lived. They were good friends and always training with each other. Then months past and Roku was with his best friend Sozin. Sozin was the fire lord. Roku and Sozin where always best friends. But even tough Roku did not see it. Oogway saw darkness in Sozin's heart. Then one day Sozin came to Disney worlds and asked Oogway one of Disney elders. If he can bulit new bulitings for them. But in order to do that he and his soildiers had to burn all Disney forests. Oogway was shocked! He could'nt believe what he was hearing. Then he thought about animals who lived for
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